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Dynamic Duo! by YuukiMMD
Dynamic Duo!
Okay, so here's a picture I made today! The characters are brand new, and since I want to add them to my wrestling roster, I'm putting 'em up here to see if you got any ideas, suggestions or anything on what I can name them and stuff! All ideas are welcome! :D

It's really been a while since I made any wrestling pictures xD
“You really sure you wanna do this? It’s a man’s—sorry.”

“I swear I’ll knock you out. Then we’ll see if you still think the same.”


My name is Jessica Stevens. It’s December 3rd, and it’s my 21st birthday. My four older brothers are here, and so is my dad. There’s a homemade cake in front of me, with about 21 candles on it. They didn’t have the ones shaped like numbers. Can you believe that?

I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I’m about 5’7’’ feet tall, I eat my vegetables and go jogging every morning at 5AM. Since everybody else is sleeping at that time, I try to be super silent when I sneak out. I also like some of the latest pop hits, but I’m not a huge music fan.

I’m also a feminist. Half of you reading this must’ve winced, eh? Well, truth is, I cant blame you. There are some crazy femi-nazis out there, taking things way too far. I don’t even like the term “feminist”, because it doesn’t imply “equality”, but rather, “women in control”. Till I find a better word, though, I’ll stick to it.

My mom died when she gave birth to me. It’s stupid to think modern technology couldn’t stop her from… well, passing away, but I guess some times there’s no way around it. I grew up in a house full of male underwear, belching contests, farts, play wrestling and endless talks about hot models. I’d be lying if I said I’m very feminine, myself. Hell, I’m a boxer!

Yup, I'm a boxer. I’m a professional one, at that, and currently the lightweight champion of the US. Surprised? Truth is, I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today. I’ve hurt myself a lot and I’ve cried even more… but here I am, still doing my best.

My goal in life is to help women in the world to become stronger. No, I’m not gathering an army of girls to help me overthrow the government. I want to show them that we’re just as good as men, and that there shouldn’t be a difference between us. I want to prove to the whole world that we can be anything we want to be. I want all of us to be free.


10 years ago.

“Give me the remote, washing board.” Said Christian (19) to Jessica (11). He had his arm wrapped around the little girl’s blonde, tiny head, squeezing playfully but also slightly roughly. “I-it’s my birthday! Cant I watch my show today?” The adorable Jessica complained, clinging to the remote control desperately, so much that she didn’t even try to pry his brother’s arm off.

“Go watch your stuff in Dad’s room, flea.” He answered. With a swift swipe, he snatched the control from Jessica’s tiny hands with his long arm. “Hahaha! All mine. Piss off, Tiny Toon,” He added, slumping on the couch. “Yo guys, match’s on!” Christian yelled, proceeding to ignore his little sister, who was tearing up a bit while the rest of her brothers rushed from their rooms. She turned her head to look at the TV again, and there she saw it: the answer to all of her doubts.

Two fierce women throwing were punches at each other. They both looked rather busted up, but none of them gave an inch of ground. The crowd was going crazy in their seats. The TV said it was the middle of round 10.

“Ugh, it’s the women’s match.” Robert (18) said. “Don’t worry, the good one comes right after.” Christian answered, still slumped on the couch.

“W-wow… they’re really strong…” Jessica said in amazement. “Eeeehh they’re okay I guess.” Answered Jake (15). “It’d be a lot more interesting if they were topless—oww!” That last comment earned him a pillow smacked to his face.


“We can’t let you join the school’s boxing club, Jess. Sorry about that.” Said Nick (16), backed up by another 6 guys. Jessica, now 15, was not going to take no for an answer, though. “Oh yeah? And why would that be?” She asked, defiantly.

The men before her looked at each other, trying to find an excuse. “You’re not goo—“ started one, but was swiftly interrupted by the captain, Nick. “You’re a girl.” He answered firmly, staring straight into Jessica’s eyes.

The blonde girl let out a sigh. “I guess I am.” She quietly said. She put her sports bag down on the floor and got on her knees, starting to dig up something. Jessica pulled out a pair of red boxing gloves, of around 11oz, and some tape to wrap her hands.

“What are you doing?” Asked one of the guys in confusion. “Try me.” She said, looking at the team’s captain with an intense look in her deep blue eyes.


“Since you became the captain, a lot of girls have joined the club, Jess.” Alicia said to the blonde boxing sensation as they walked through the long hallways of the school. “Isn’t that awesome?” Her friend added before they came to a stop at her locker.

“Yeah, it totally is! I’m glad things are going so well for the club now, too. They even let us form a female team for the tournaments.” Jessica answered with a smile, waiting patiently for Alicia to finish pulling books out of her locker. How did she even fit so many in there, anyways?!

“It’s a shame we’re gonna graduate this year. I’d have liked to see how it goes.” Jessica added, a hint of nostalgia in her voice. “But next year… things start getting all kinds of serious for me.” She leaned against the locker next to Alicia’s, looking up at the ceiling.

“Not gonna stop till you’re a pro, huh?” Alicia finally closed her locker, looking at her dear friend. “Don’t worry, I’ll come cheer you on whenever you fight, unless you fight really far away. Then I’ll just have to scream at my TV till you win.” She smiled widely at her friend, one hand on her shoulder.

Jessica felt… good. Encouraged. There was someone out there who did believe in her ideals. She had someone who would support her all the way. “I don’t know where I’d be without you.”


“Alright, listen to me kiddo. If you keep getting punched like that, you’re gonna lose. So now you go out there and punch the brains outta that bitch.” John said to his fighter, Jessica (19) just a few seconds before the bell for round 8 began.

It was Jessica’s opportunity to become a pro. She just had to defeat the girl in front of her, and she’d find herself one step closer to fulfilling her dream, or at least the first part of it. Her opponent was Roxanne Duffield. Her parents were French, and had moved to the Big Apple to give the family a new beginning.

The score cards were 76-74 to Jessica. She had won the first couple of rounds easily, but took a few nasty blows in the last ones. The blonde, American fighter needed to watch out for Roxanne’s bombs, or she’d most likely take the decision off the judges’ hands.

The round started with a few jabs, but soon turned into a slugfest. Heavy blows flew, some of them connecting, some others not. While the punches were softened by the puffier gloves and head guards, they still hurt a lot, and they could very well put a normal person out.

Neither of them was going to give an inch. Not until they were out.

And finally, it happened.

Jessica ducked skillfully under a ferocious left hook to the head, twisting her body to the side and swinging an even more vicious overhand right to the temple. Roxanne had nothing to do. The blow took the French girl’s helmet clean off, taking her down roughly to the mat.

The count wasn’t even necessary. It was all over. Jessica had earned herself the right to fight with the pros! There were no words to describe how excited she felt. She thrust her glove up in the air, the crowd roaring for the blonde girl. John entered the ring, wrapping an arm around his daughter’s legs and lifting her up onto his shoulder, proud of his child as only a father could ever be.


Well guys, that’s a lil’ bit about myself. There’s some other things about me that you might like to know, but I’ll leave those for another time. I still gotta blow the candles out, you know! I really hope you want to come watch my matches! I know my goal is not completed yet, and I will work hard towards achieving it. For a better place… I’ll become the World Champion!
Jessica Stevens - Introduction!
And here's the introduction I promised! I hope you enjoy the read. As always, please leave some comments to let me know if you liked it! :D

Jessica and the rest of the characters by me
Writing done by me as well! :D
Jessica Stevens - Enter the American Champion! by YuukiMMD
Jessica Stevens - Enter the American Champion!
Okay, so! Here's an amazing picture made by my good friend :icon44th-phantome: I've waited long enough before posting it 'cause I was still polishing some details about her! In a little bit I'll post an introduction story for her, so dont worry about it! For now, enjoy the picture, and visit the artist's gallery!

Art by :icon44th-phantome:
Jessica by me!
Thanks for 200,000 hits! by YuukiMMD
Thanks for 200,000 hits!
It's a bit late for this, but I still had to post something in celebration for the new milestone! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for helping me get this far. As cliche-ish as it might sound, I really wouldnt be here without all of you! Thank you for every fave, every comment, every watch. It really means a lot to me!

For now, enjoy the picture! Hopefully soon I'll be able to become more active :3
Sarah vs Maria B by YuukiMMD
Sarah vs Maria B
Aaaand the opposite scenario is here! Maria's bombs manage to stun the kitty early on, interrupting her assaults. In round 2, Sarah finds herself on the ropes, heavily damaged. It only takes two more punches from the spaniard beauty to put the british pugilist down for the count. By the time Sarah manages to gather her thoughts again, the match is long over already.

Maria and Sarah belong to me!

What's your favorite moment in a boxing match? 

48 deviants said Trading punches
47 deviants said The KO punch
26 deviants said The victory pose
5 deviants said The staredown
5 deviants said Other? Comment!

Hello! Life and Projects

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2014, 9:37 AM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Gone gone gone - Phillip Phillips
  • Watching: I dunno... movies? Life? o.o
  • Eating: Pi-pi-pi-pizza (again? YES)
  • Drinking: Orange juiceeeeeeeeee
Hellowers people! Been a while since I posted a new journal, but guess what? I'M NOT DEAD YET. Yeah, I know, too bad. Aaaaaaanyways...

College's been sucking quite a bit (even more than usual). But I guess that's to be expected, right? I've had less and less time to be around here, and forget about posting new stuff, so... I apologize for that. I'll try to be more active!   

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about life, how fast time goes by. To think it's been 3 years since I joined DA already. I've been thinking about certain people, and well... mostly (or what is mostly related to DA), I've decided to try and start commenting on stuff more often. It's kinda shitty of me to just go, fave something and poof, soooo... prepare to deal with my retarded comments. *nods*

Projects! You know, the paragraph you're actually interested in reading. I honestly dont have any projects in line (or rather, I have a BILLION projects in mind, but no time for them). I will do my best to keep my profile updated with some new stuff every now and then, but I cant promise anything! DOOOONT STOOOOP BELIEVIIIIIING!!

About the current "series" (you know, the multi-ending matches thingies stuffies), I just want to say that NONE of those were made for storyline purposes, and hence should not be taken as canon or indicatives of any kind. Most of these were made without the owner's approval, so if you (YES YOU, THE OWNER OF THESE CHARACTERS) find yourself offended, I will gladly take them down.

Well, that's pretty much it. I know this journal doesnt make a whole lot of sense. I only have 2 hours of sleep on me, and there's a lot on my mind. So without anything else to communicate, I bid you adieu!


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